Yet another role for Vitamin D

One of my favorite discussions to have with patients is about osteoporosis, a condition that sometimes falls prey to being an orphan, or not having one single specialty wholly associated with its diagnosis and management. Primary care providers, Rheumatologists, Endrocrinologists and OB-Gyns all treat patients with low bone mass. One part of the equation is sufficient vitamin D. Indeed, it seems like every women’s magazine and TV news or talk show have had features on vitamin D and its proposed role in preventing cancer, improving musculoskeletal health and in my specialty, possible roles in regulating inflammatory conditions. Last week’s New York Times article discusses Vitamin D and athletic performance.


4 responses to “Yet another role for Vitamin D

  1. So can you get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D from foods and milk or is a supplement really needed?

  2. It is actually hard to get the appropriate amount of vitamin D through diet alone. Check out this article on the NIH website that is VERY thorough and talks in detail about food sources of vitamin D:

  3. I have RA and, after a recent blood test, was referred by my PCP to an endocrinologist because my Vit. D level is very, very low. Bone density scan is coming up soon, Endo doc is starting me on heavy duty supplements. I’m wondering how the deficiency is affecting the RA in regards to my immune system? Any thoughts on Vit. D and RA?

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