Eat your vegetables


Today, 10/1, is World Vegetarian Day, kickoff for vegetarian awareness month. I am not a vegetarian, but I am making an effort to eat more organic and local foods. Most of the meals I prepare at home are vegetarian or fish from the Monterey Bay guide. Here’s some additional food for thought (pun intended) from Mark Bittman.

His food blog has even more good ideas.


2 responses to “Eat your vegetables

  1. My favorite site for vegetarian recipes is 101 Cookbooks: I’m definitely a meat-eater and am lucky to live somewhere with a heavy emphasis on local eating so most of the meat we get is from farms we can visit (but it’s too sad to see the baby lambs!). However, 101 Cookbooks has delicious and inspired meatless ideas.

    Also – check out my friend Joy Manning’s cookbook called “Almost Meatless.”

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