Foodie Friday: Thai black rice pudding

Oct 2009 013Am I a FOOD blogger or a MEDICAL blogger? Do I have to decide? I spend most of my time on medicine (Rheumatology practice, reading articles and medical blogs) and food (researching and cooking recipes, reading food blogs), so can I be both?? I’d like to spend my time here in The Doctors’ Rheum discussing all matter of healthy ideas and sometimes that is healthy EATING!

A few months ago after a girls’ night out dinner at a local Thai restaurant, the waiter brought to our table a bowl of the most amazingOct 2009 002  sweet, creamy, hot deliciousness! It was a bowl of black rice pudding, and I think I may have scared the other girls with my ravenous love of that new food find. When dining at the same restaurant with my husband a few weeks ago, I had to order another bowl of pudding for us to share. The very next day I set out on a search to make this at home.

Oct 2009 004Turns out it’s pretty easy. The recipe was right on epicurious, and I basically followed it with the exception of using light coconut milk.  I found the rice at a local grocery store, but more of a “specialty” market-type store. I got the light coconut milk at Trader Joe’s.

The husband I and thought this version was much less creamy and also less sweet than the restaurant version. I’m guessing that they used full fat coconut milk and also maybe used more sugar. Ours was also thicker and  needed more liquid near the end of the cooking process, because it seemed to evaporate quickly. Note the purple bubbling cauldron that turned my utensils purple! Served with extra coconut milk drizzled on top. And I have to admit I put a little agave nectar on mine for extra sweetness. Overall a good duplicate of a restaurant dish and I’m guessing healthier.


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