Not-so Magic Mushrooms

[picapp src=”0306/0000306112.jpg?adImageId=6351302&imageId=309382″ width=”380″ height=”271″ /]I heard on the local news a story about a mother and son hospitalized in serious condition after eating mushrooms picked from their yard. I love mushrooms, but wouldn’t trust myself to know if something in the backyard should be added to my omelet. Apparently the one they ate is called “destroying angel” or “death cap” and the original story references the Wikipedia page. According to a FDA article on mushroom toxins: 

There are four categories of mushroom toxins: protoplasmic poisons (poisons that result in generalized destruction of cells, followed by organ failure); neurotoxins (compounds that cause neurological symptoms such as profuse sweating, coma, convulsions, hallucinations, excitement, depression, spastic colon); gastrointestinal irritants (compounds that produce rapid, transient nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea); and disulfiram-like toxins. Mushrooms in this last category are generally nontoxic and produce no symptoms unless alcohol is consumed within 72 hours after eating them, in which case a short-lived acute toxic syndrome is produced.

However, if you are interested in cooking with reliable mushrooms, check out


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