Foodie Friday: Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

005Sundays are often my day to prepare something with a lot of leftovers to use or freeze. Truth be told, the husband and I are terrible leftover eaters, but I really am getting better, inspired by the food bloggers. Last weekend, a little bored by soups and chili, I decided to make a lasagna. So often I go online to look for recipes, and I wanted to use something from one of my cookbooks this time. I chose a recipe for roasted vegetable lasagna from All About Vegetarian Cooking (by the Joy of Cooking folks) as a basic idea and tweaked it a little.

The basic ingredients included veggies, lasagna noodles (I chose whole wheat), ricotta and mozzarella with some parmesan as well. The interesting thing about this recipe is the lack of tomato sauce. Instead, you roast the tomatoes and use them and their juice as the “sauce.” The finished product was HEAVY! And filling! There is seriously a lot of cheese in it. If I make it again, I would definitely consider even halving the cheese. I had some red kale in the fridge which wasn’t in the recipe but I sauteed it and added it to the roasted veggie mix. We even “donated” 1/3 of the pan to some happy neighbors and had plenty for leftovers. I’m definitely recommending it for the Real Meal Challenge.







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