Are you up to date?

Health care professionals likely know and use the online resource UpToDate. I have been using it since I was a resident, and maybe even as a med student. At any rate, I remember when it was on CDs. And I remember when there were no online resources and we had to look up journal articles in an index book, but I digress. . .

We have an institutional subscription at my office and hospital and I use this resource frequently. I have just learned over at 33 charts that there is now a patient site online. Find the patient information site here.


2 responses to “Are you up to date?

  1. Thanks for visiting 33 Charts and thanks for the h/t. Funny, I remember those CDs. So funny how things have changed. Cool blog. Ur the only rheum I’ve seen in the blogosphere.

  2. Thanks, Dr. V. I have seen a site called “rheumination” on typepad but he posts infrequently. I’ve only been at this a month so I’m still working on getting my feet wet, reading other blogs, connecting on Twitter, etc. I’m sure I’ll start chiming in with more opinions as I get further into my blogging “career.”

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