More Vitamin D

A reader recently asked about vitamin D related to RA (rheumatoid arthritis). This is interesting, and something we’re learning more and more about. Vitamin D sure is a hot topic in health news lately. One reason may be that the recommended daily intake was set long ago and actually may not be enough. Another reason may be all the sunscreen we wear, although this has been disputed. In terms of autoimmune illnesses, we do know that the cells of the immune system have vitamin D receptors. Some studies have suggested low vitamin D levels could cause a flare of autoimmune diseases, but other studies have not found this to be true. Either way, your doctor can talk with you about your specific requirements and check a vitamin D level if needed.


One response to “More Vitamin D

  1. I absolutely believe that Vitamin D figures significantly in my case. I get a LOT of sunshine in the summertime – outside on the farm and with my kids. I find I experience complete remission of symptoms until around October, coinciding with cooler weather and shorter days (covered up more even on sunny days).

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