Time change PSA: road safety

IMG_0593It was nice to wake up to sunny skies, but come 5pm I’ll be missing daylight hours. As more of us are plunged into darkness for our evening activities, I just want to take a minute to remind everyone about road safety. As you walk the dog, run/walk or bike around town in the darkness, make sure you have appropriate reflective gear and identification. For walking I wear either a “crossing guard” style reflective belt or a full reflective vest. Something like this. Amazon has them as cheap as $4. I also have a blinking red light that clips on to the dog’s leash. Another thing to consider is identification. Unfortunately, an acquaintance lost consciousness while jogging and had no identification on him. Made me order a Road ID bracelet and have given some as gifts to family who are cyclists or runners. Several bloggers I follow use shoe wallets. (FYI these are all things I’ve purchased or I’m just showing as examples. No endorsement of a particular brand). Have fun and be safe! (The photo is of the 2009 Boston Marathon leaders. My first to see in person and amazing)!


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