Magnets for Arthritis?

[picapp src=”0255/0a8982b8-d3e9-459e-b017-ef85acdad94a.jpg?adImageId=7314028&imageId=258724″ width=”234″ height=”331″ /]The Doctors’ Rheum has been busy putting together a “Rheum 101” course for primary care providers, so the blogging has taken a temporary backseat. Never fear, I’m stockpiling lots of articles and tidbits for you. One from the New York Times discusses magnets for arthritis. The NYT Well blog has additional discussion on the topic. My patients ask about this ALL the time. My take? If you think something will help you, chances are it may help somewhat. The placebo effect can be quite strong. However, there are no good studies that prove they work. Some of the bracelets are very pretty. Nice jewelery but not sure how much you’ll help your arthritis.


One response to “Magnets for Arthritis?

  1. They work for me! Not that they ‘cure’ my RA or anything but I had swelling in my ring finger for over a year that my meds (Meth and Pred) did not seem to touch. A few days of wearing a bracelet and it improved greatly…that reminds me – I must go look for it LOL

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