Detox and Cleanse

My google reader brought me this blog post last week. I hope you’ll read it and also see the original entry. (The whole retweeting and trackbacking thing is funny – reminds me of that image in a mirror in a mirror in a mirror in a mirror, etc). Anyway . . . cleanse and detox diets. Sigh. I have had plenty of friends, family and patients convinced of their merits, but the science just isn’t there. Want to do something healthy? Eat healthy – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, plant or animal lean protein sources; local, sustainable, organic. I’ll leave you with this quote I particularly liked:

It’s not merely the lure of plummeting pounds that draws people to detox diets. There’s powerful appeal in the promise that these diets will cleanse our body of toxins, observes Reardon. “We are bombarded by our food supply, what’s in it, what’s not. We hear about additives, preservatives, dioxins, carcinogens; we see horrific pictures on the Internet of something that supposedly came out of a colon; and we’re just overwhelmed. The fear factor is pretty convincing. People are grasping to do what makes sense, and the notion of detoxifying the body sounds right. But there just isn’t good science behind detox diets.


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