Jump for Joy (and health)

[picapp src=”0269/0aa41e4b-f96a-43bc-86a0-113df7b04f25.jpg?adImageId=7529354&imageId=273433″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]Have you ever jumped rope for exercise? It is HARD to maintain it for more than a few minutes. After reading this, it might tempt you to channel your inner “Rocky.” Here are a couple of interesting articles regarding physical activity:

The best exercises for healthy bones

Jumping may be best exercise for building healthy bones


2 responses to “Jump for Joy (and health)

  1. Is jumping rope considered low-impact?

    • Jumping can be fairly high impact. I would recommend individuals speak with their doctor to get his/her opinion in terms of if and what type of jumping is advisable.

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