Make Me Laugh

A recent post on  humor on KevinMD’s blog got me thinking about a day in the office last week. At the end of the day, walking out the door, I thought, “Wow, that was a good day.” Reflecting on what put that smile on my face, I recalled multiple times that day patients had me laughing. And not just a grin and a “ha,” but borderline tears in your eyes belly laughs. I wish I could tell you what the jokes or funny statements were, but I can’t remember! I’ll have to start writing them down. I think it was really more of a general mood and things striking us as funny. The patients laughed a lot too. Obviously we weren’t dealing with serious or critical medical situations. Usually the most fun happens when folks I know regularly from routine cortisone injections come in and we get to know each other and understand each other’s senses of humor. So thanks to my patients for the laughs and keep the jokes and stories coming!


One response to “Make Me Laugh

  1. I love a doctor with a sense of humour! It makes such a difference for me as a patient, and I’m glad to hear laughter makes your day better, too.

    As I was being prepped for cardiac surgery last year, my surgeon kept yelling “instant tan! instant tan!” as he painted the disinfectant onto my chest. Crazy, but it got me laughing and sent a lot of my nervousness out the window.

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