Foodie Friday: Failure?

After returning home from Thanksgiving weekend, I was in a bit of dessert withdrawal. Exhibit A: The holiday dessert table I snacked from for 2 days:

Many recipes were entertained for my post-holiday sweet craving. Should I make something healthy? I got all the ingredients for these truffles, but decided they were just too healthy. What about cutout decorated sugar cookies? I really wanted them, but so time-consuming for a random weekday. Finally I decided on the oatmeal scotchies recipe on the back of the Toll House bag, something I’ve made plenty of times before. However, the final product didn’t exactly turn out as expected. First, a photo essay:

Why did the cookies fall apart? Well, this was the inaugural use of some new flat cookie sheets.  I don’t know if that matters, but my husband pointed out that the new cookie sheets are much thinner than the old ones. When I put the cookies back in the over for 2 more minutes they held together better, but then developed a very dark, almost burned appearance, and barely rose at all. I’m used to soft, chewy oatmeal cookies and these were quite flat. The last batch I used an old cookie sheet with sides and they came out better, but still also flat and almost burned. I may need to adjust the temperature down a little if using the thinner cookie sheets? I also need to get an oven thermometer to calibrate the displayed oven temp.  The story has a happy ending, though. My co-workers almost inhaled the cookies I brought to work the next day and I heard, “Who made these awesome cookies?” down the hall. Maybe they didn’t look so great, but they tasted perfect. One of my co-workers even commented he liked these better than fluffier ones because they were a little chewier. Any comments and thoughts are welcome!


2 responses to “Foodie Friday: Failure?

  1. Great pix!
    Looks like they might have needed more flour? Or, when cookies are falling apart, sometimes letting them sit on the cookie sheet for a minute before removing to the cooling rack can help. Definitely worth baking another batch to test the theory 🙂

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