Foodie Friday: Pittsburgh Salad

Earlier this week, I talked about cartilage research being done at the University of Pittsburgh. I’ve now been away from Pittsburgh longer than I lived there, but remember it as an amazing and beautiful city with so much to do. Two years was not enough. For those of you familiar with the ‘burgh, you will instantly know what I mean by Pittsburgh salad. How confused was I the first time I saw a tray of french fries sitting at the end of the salad bar? OF COURSE they are a salad topping! Not exclusive to salads, sandwiches from Primanti Bros have the fries right inside the bread/bun. Oh yeah! Don’t think I didn’t enjoy some of that!

This week, as a tribute to Pittsburgh, I made a salad with a few tweaks. I used sweet potato fries (which look like carrots in the photos) and couldn’t resist a few on the side with another Pittsburgh product: HEINZ ketchup! I also did a quick search to see what else I could find under the term “Pittsburgh salad” and found a new (to me) food blog with a similar recipe using rutabaga fries! Please excuse the cell phone pics: my camera went on a business trip this week!

Naked Salad

Pittsburgh Salad


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