Foodie Friday: Return of the carnivore (or, THE BEST beef stew)

Just a few short months ago I really did eat a mainly vegetarian diet. On October 1st, I talked about World Vegetarian Day. Don’t know if it is the cold weather up here in New England or what, but I’ve actually been craving and cooking meat dishes. There was an incredible beef stroganoff on Halloween. Of course there was Thanksgiving turkey. There was more than enough breakfast bacon. And then, the January/February issue of Cook’s Illustrated arrived. If you don’t know about this amazing publication, they’re the folks associated with America’s Test Kitchen. While I cannot share the recipe, if you like beef stew, I’d encourage you to buy this issue (which also has a pulled pork recipe, whole wheat pasta comparisons, Thai chicken recipe, red beans and rice recipe). I have no affiliation with these folks, just can’t get enough of their incredible food science. At any rate, the beef stew was devoured. Bowls were licked clean. Bread was used to get every last drop of broth. The fact that a portion was shared with neighbors was cursed when there weren’t leftovers! Enjoy the photo essay:


7 responses to “Foodie Friday: Return of the carnivore (or, THE BEST beef stew)

  1. I also love Cook’s Illustrated but haven’t checked out this issue yet. I will now though. That stew looks like serious business. Anchovies and salt pork? Holy umami!

    • Thanks, Joy. I think you will really like the editor’s discussion about how they came to use the salt pork, anchovies and gelatin and in what ratios. It was seriously amazing. And we actually used some good wine and good beef so that likely helped.

  2. That beef stew looks truly delicious. Soups and stews have always been my favorite foods in the wintertime, even here in California. I’ll have to look for that Cook’s magazine issue — I subscribed for a while, but the subscription lapsed.

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