Powerful Pomegranates

The other day, this article on the health benefits of pomegranates appeared in my reader. Great! I celebrated with a pomegranate margarita accompanying this delicious treat of a poblano pepper stuffed with ground beef and fruits and decorated with pomegranate arils. See photo! And taste for yourself, Boston locals, at Tu Y Yo. A few months ago some of my favorite bloggers got to take a tour of the pomegranate harvest in California. Here is a link to one of the recaps.


2 responses to “Powerful Pomegranates

  1. As you may know, one of my favorite ways to enjoy pomegranate is a splash into my plain flavored seltzer. I may not have access to Polar anymore down here in the south but I still love me some seltzer…Oh and add another dash of blood orange juice with that concoction and you’ve got yourself a real winner.

  2. How to peel a pomegranate without getting your fingers all stained: 2 options.

    1) Use surgical gloves. (This can lead to an unpleasant rubbery taste, however.)

    2) Slice into the rind, about 1/2″ deep, as though you were cutting quarters. Set the fruit in a bowl and cover with cold water. Let sit about 20 minutes, then pull apart underwater, and let arils sink to the bottom, while the pith floats to the surface. Scoop off pith, drain, enjoy.

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