Foodie Friday: sweet potato smoothie

I don’t know whether to put this in the success or failure list. Well, as it stands in the photo it was a FAIL. But with some tweaks, it could be good. If I haven’t scared you off with that, read on! I wanted to make a smoothie for lunch, but I also had about one roasted sweet potato (in EVOO) that I wanted to use. I thought, if pies are made out of sweet potato, why not a smoothie? I tossed into the blender some vanilla Greek yogurt, milk, water, agave nectar, a very ripe banana and about 6-8 cooked sweet potato cubes. I should have stopped there, but I decided to use up ALL the sweet potato and you just can’t fit an entire sweet potato into one smoothie. It was way too thick, waaaay to potato-y. Since reading food blogs, I definitely am not scared to toss spinach or kale into a smoothie. But sweet potatoes I’ll have to work on a little more.


2 responses to “Foodie Friday: sweet potato smoothie

  1. Speaking of sweet potato, I just came across this recipe that sounds good and like something you would like. Fairly healthy too – it’s baked sweet potato falafel.

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