Foodie Friday: cherrywinks

When I read that Shutterbean’s great-grandmother was famous for a cookie called cherrywinks, I thought this would be a perfect recipe to make with my 93 year-old grandmother. I had never seen or tasted this type of cookie before and grandma said it was familiar but nothing she had ever made. I gathered all my ingredients and tried to get grandma in on the action. As you can imagine, 93 years on this earth can take its toll on the body and grandma soon decided she’d rather relax in her recliner and await the finished product. Despite my pleas that rolling dough balls would be good for arthritic fingers (a disadvantage of having a Rheumatologist relative), I continued alone. Click on the link above for the recipe and her wonderful step-by-step directions. These pictures show my results. They were very tasty and leftovers brought to work disappeared in minutes. A definite recipe to save!


3 responses to “Foodie Friday: cherrywinks

  1. I made the banana bread recipe posted on Shutterbean’s site last week. It was so good – almost more of a moist cake than the standard dry banana bread I’m used to. Plus, I used GF flour blend and I don’t think that impacted the finished product at all.

  2. Thanks! We’ll try that recipe

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