Foodie Friday: old lady lunch

Last weekend was my grandmother’s 93rd birthday party. She didn’t have too many tips to offer up when asked how one goes about becoming a nonagenarian. Much like many of her generation, she is of the “red meat and potatoes are for dinner” persuasion. She’s pretty sharp, loves her crossword puzzles, reading and watching “Survivor,” though she gave up on “Lost” because it got too confusing to follow. (I’d have to say that has nothing to do with being 93)! She was a RN who worked for years in the operating room and also was a nursing school instructor. The luncheon we held wasn’t fancy but highlighted grandma’s favorite comfort foods. As the host, I was pretty busy and forgot to take pictures of most of the food, but for today’s Foodie Friday I thought I’d share the menu and a few of the photo highlights:

Appetizers: Salmon mouse on potato chips (!!!) with chives, Spicy Pimento Cheese Dip with veggies and gluten-free crackers

Main Course: Honeybaked Ham! They certify a gluten-free glaze.

Sides: Homemade baked beans (beans were soaked in water and baking soda overnight which reportedly decreases some of the “effects” of beans, but the general consensus was this did not really help), bubbly and browned scalloped potatoes, cole slaw, a gorgeous antipasti, dinner rolls.

Dessert: Bakery cake with whipped cream and strawberries, gluten-free Texas sheet cake, white chocolate lime cookies baked by Hangry Pants and won in the blogger bake sale!

Wine: A delightful dry rose of sangiovese from Alexander Valley Vineyards

OK, I’m really hungry now remembering how great everything tasted. Many thanks to all the relatives who brought such wonderful food!


3 responses to “Foodie Friday: old lady lunch

  1. 93? Really? The lady in the picture?


    I do have one question, tho – Salmon Mouse? does it squeak? 😉

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