Foodie Friday: Time to make the donuts!


No, not THESE donuts.

THESE donuts:

Many years ago I purchased a nonstick mini donut pan and promptly forgot about it. Last week I found it shoved in the back of a kitchen cabinet and decided to give it a try. I don’t actually recall EVER using it before, but there was a tiny bit of dried batter stuck in one of the wells, so I guess I did. Or else some random family member made mini donuts and didn’t share. I searched the internet for baked mini donut recipes and came across one on a blog, and one on recipezaar I plan to try in the future. First, the photos, then the commentary:

As you can tell, the first batch looked like mini muffins that had a “bellybutton” rather than donuts. I learned that you barely need to fill the little wells. It really is about a tablespoon of batter. I think next time I will try using a pastry bag (or plastic bag with a hole cut out of a corner since I don’t have a pastry bag). They were delicious, however! Frosted them with a powdered sugar/water glaze and dipped in sprinkles (or jimmies depending on your geographical location). I can see lots of opportunities to be creative with the decorating as well. Donut craving satisfied, though it’s still no Dunkin’ . . .


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