Paging Dr. Feline . . .

Sometimes the internet is so random. Last week I saw the following on Twitter from Dr. Ves:

Why Cats Are Not Employed As Doctors (scroll to the end of the post) 4:36 PM May 19th via web

This took me to the website of Francesco Marciuliano (link above) where I read this:

Why Cats Are Not Employed As Doctors
• Valuable minutes lost in surgery as doctor furiously paws at nearby fly.
• While informing patient’s family of their loss, doctor suddenly loses interest and walks off.
• In bid to become chief surgeon, doctor scent-marks entire hospital.
• Doctor refuses to respond to own name during code blue.
• Staff grows increasingly alarmed as doctor runs up and down hallway for no apparent reason.
• Sensing colleagues’ growing dissatisfaction with his work, doctor curls up against a radiator and goes to sleep.
• Doctor raises hackles and bares teeth whenever new interns are introduced.
• Doctor loses medical license after licking self, instruments clean.

It is cute and funny and I kept thinking about those reasons and giggling to myself. You see, I don’t own a cat. I don’t really consider myself a “cat person,” but I have a good friend who is, in fact, a cat. His name is Mitchell and he has some odd habits. I think he was embarrassed that I captured one of them on film, but luckily he does not read this blog. Last week Mitchell’s doctor told him that he is officially a “senior” cat and he’s having some trouble dealing with that. At any rate, when I read those reasons why cats are not employed as doctors, I kept picturing Mitchell and I’m still laughing. Hope all those who do consider themselves “cat people” like it too.


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