[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=pizza&iid=285163″ src=”0281/23f5a958-92b7-4094-a30a-d0818d26e4a2.jpg?adImageId=12984575&imageId=285163″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]If I want a pizza delivered, I can go online, choose my toppings and pay. The pizza (delivery person) will show up at my house. If I want to talk to another doctor about a patient, while I’m eating my pizza for lunch, there seems to be a bit of an issue. The other day I was using my “lunch” to catch up on some calls and paperwork and tried to reach a few people. One doctor’s office was closed for lunch. “Call back at 1:30 during regular business hours,” the voice told me. But at 1:30 I’ll be back in the exam room with patients. Maybe the doctor I want to reach is sitting at his/her desk, also eating pizza, and would be very happy to talk with me, but I can’t get through. Another goes to an answering service. “Is this an emergency?” Well, no, but if I want to reach this doctor before or after hours or at lunch, what do I have to do? Another doctor’s office asks me to “leave a message and a member of our care team will return your call.” No way to get to a live person. I know patients have to jump through these hoops all the time and it really seems like a waste of time all around. Let me assure you that I’ve run into my share of bureaucratic nightmares negotiating my own healthcare. It doesn’t matter to Insurer X or Pharmacy Y that I’m a doctor. Not that I tell them, but I like to think I know the right info to give to get the answers I need. In the age of technology, is customer service dead? Something to ponder while eating your pizza . . .


One response to “Pizza>Health?

  1. Customer service is definitely an issue in every arena these days.

    You have a nice blog. Love looking at the recipes.

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