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Foodie Friday: CSA virgins

It’s that time of year . . . when all of us who signed up for CSAs, especially those of us who are new to the CSA idea, stare at mounds of unknown greens and say, “huh?” I was glad to hear others have recently been puzzled by produce as well.  Roni made a video post about trying kohlrabi from her CSA. I’ve never heard of or had kohlrabi either. I’ve also never had swiss chard, which was quite plentiful in my share. After a lot of online recipe searching, I decided to just chop and sauté it and eat it as a side dish. Delicious! I also added chopped swiss chard to some pasta, tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella which bulked up the pasta dish. (Quick nutrition tip: Did you know that a serving of pasta should be about the size of a baseball? That’s not much pasta, especially when you think about the serving sizes most restaurants give us. A good way to stretch that small serving of pasta into a meal is add in a ton of veggies). I’m looking forward to a whole season of reading food blogs and seeing what types of creative things people do with their produce!


Foodie Friday: Taking Jell-O out of the hospital!

Jell-O® is a standard “medical food.” You see it all the time on hospital trays, right? It is easy to digest, doesn’t require chewing and qualifies as a clear liquid you can eat during such fun times as colonoscopy prep day and pre-op. It is generally recommended not to eat red or purple gelatin in these situations to avoid confusion over bleeding vs red dye. There’s my brief medical part about gelatin. Now on to the foodie fun:

I was listening to a podcast of my favorite NPR food show, The Splendid Table (where a few weeks ago I recommended the show on pre-Hispanic cuisine – check it out if you missed it), and she interviewed The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn! I really do not make enough Jell-O molds and perusing this blog has definitely given me lots of ideas, especially for some of the “spiked” molds. Check it out and share your own favorite recipes!

Foodie Friday: strawberry muffins

A certain 4 year-old friend was sooooo excited about growing a strawberry plant in his garden that he was racing around yelling about all the things he wanted to do with his berry bounty. “Strawberry muffins, strawberry muffins, strawberry muffins . . .” he shouted over and over. What power of suggestion, as I could not get strawberry muffins out of my head! I found a recipe on for strawberry-orange muffins.

Here’s my commentary: they were NOT easy. You need buttermilk plus regular milk, whole wheat white flour plus regular flour and you have to zest an orange. There are a lot of steps and ingredients. I wanted to follow the recipe exactly with one issue – my canola oil was rancid and I used olive oil. I definitely tasted olive oil and don’t recommend it, but none of my tasters complained. I also thought the crumb topping was too salty but I’m a low-salt person and, again, no one else complained even when specifically asked. I wanted to know others’ true impressions because I WILL make these again. My work tasters are not shy with the commentary! The muffins were fantastic. Make sure you chop the strawberries really small because the large chunks made it kind of mushy in spots. They are definitely on the less-sweet side, very moist and passed the 4 year-old’s test with flying colors! Here are some scenes from baking day:

Other ways to “go bananas”

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=banana&iid=240843″ src=”0237/c37280f8-8105-423c-873d-6d0eeaa2d116.jpg?adImageId=13066317&imageId=240843″ width=”234″ height=”312″ /]A patient recently complained to me that she had been encouraged to eat more bananas as a way to keep up her potassium intake. “But you know what,” she said, “I really don’t like bananas. Its hard to force myself to eat them.” She wasn’t allergic, just didn’t like bananas. We frequently encourage patients to eat bananas or drink OJ as ways to increase potassium. What if a patient doesn’t like one of these foods or perhaps is trying to lose weight or is diabetic? OJ can be pretty caloric or make blood sugars spike. Bananas, as well, are worth more than one coveted Weight Watchers Points®. I did a quick internet search with her to find out about other potassium-rich foods and we discovered that a cup of cantaloupe or honeydew melon has about as much potassium as a banana. A cup of papaya actually has more! She was pleased and is looking forward to eating more of these fruits. Keep in mind, though, that there can be an association between latex allergy and allergy to fruits like banana, kiwi, papaya, melon and avocado. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns.

If you love a cyclist . . .

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=bicycle&iid=7306812″ src=”1/8/3/7/2008_CSC_Invitational_5cff.jpg?adImageId=13033416&imageId=7306812″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]. . . please read this post. And share the road!