Foodie Friday: strawberry muffins

A certain 4 year-old friend was sooooo excited about growing a strawberry plant in his garden that he was racing around yelling about all the things he wanted to do with his berry bounty. “Strawberry muffins, strawberry muffins, strawberry muffins . . .” he shouted over and over. What power of suggestion, as I could not get strawberry muffins out of my head! I found a recipe on for strawberry-orange muffins.

Here’s my commentary: they were NOT easy. You need buttermilk plus regular milk, whole wheat white flour plus regular flour and you have to zest an orange. There are a lot of steps and ingredients. I wanted to follow the recipe exactly with one issue – my canola oil was rancid and I used olive oil. I definitely tasted olive oil and don’t recommend it, but none of my tasters complained. I also thought the crumb topping was too salty but I’m a low-salt person and, again, no one else complained even when specifically asked. I wanted to know others’ true impressions because I WILL make these again. My work tasters are not shy with the commentary! The muffins were fantastic. Make sure you chop the strawberries really small because the large chunks made it kind of mushy in spots. They are definitely on the less-sweet side, very moist and passed the 4 year-old’s test with flying colors! Here are some scenes from baking day:


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