Foodie Friday: CSA virgins

It’s that time of year . . . when all of us who signed up for CSAs, especially those of us who are new to the CSA idea, stare at mounds of unknown greens and say, “huh?” I was glad to hear others have recently been puzzled by produce as well.  Roni made a video post about trying kohlrabi from her CSA. I’ve never heard of or had kohlrabi either. I’ve also never had swiss chard, which was quite plentiful in my share. After a lot of online recipe searching, I decided to just chop and sauté it and eat it as a side dish. Delicious! I also added chopped swiss chard to some pasta, tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella which bulked up the pasta dish. (Quick nutrition tip: Did you know that a serving of pasta should be about the size of a baseball? That’s not much pasta, especially when you think about the serving sizes most restaurants give us. A good way to stretch that small serving of pasta into a meal is add in a ton of veggies). I’m looking forward to a whole season of reading food blogs and seeing what types of creative things people do with their produce!


5 responses to “Foodie Friday: CSA virgins

  1. Swiss chard (or any green – including those beet tops) is great with eggs – a frittata especially. I also use a great one from 101 Cookbooks where you mix sauteed greens with rice (brown or black rice) and then top it with a poached egg. That’s one of my faves. Did I tell you that I’m even growing chard in a pot on my porch? It’s super easy to grow.

  2. christine aubin

    I grew up with Mike and Claire serving swiss chard quite rustic, steamed with just salt and red wine vinegar and I’m sure that they had it that way from their parents.

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