Foodie Friday: Taste of London

Last month I visited London, England, for the first time. Sunny skies and temperatures of 80F for an entire week sure didn’t match with my expectation that it was going to be a grey, drizzly place. I got to act very tourist-y and saw this:

And this:

And some folks participating in a little friendly competition:

But what I really loved was the FOOD!

A new taste: Rabbit! Yup, I did. I’m not a huge meat eater and thought it tasted like lamb, I guess. It was the husband’s dish, eaten at The White Horse Pub at Parson’s Green. However, he loved it! 

Another favorite – I don’t know how they did it, but it’s some kind of flash-fried baby spinach with a sweet yogurt sauce. From Bombay Brasserie.

Turkish food I could probably eat all day every day. Ordering the “healthy meal” at Sofra (Mayfair) brought out about a dozen little plates with all my old friends – creamy hummus, fresh fava beans in yogurt, little meatballs. OK, I’m seriously starving now! Imagine this sitting in an open-air restaurant, live music from the cobblestone streets just below. Yup, a great night in a city I can’t wait to explore again.

Not pictured were a couple good curries, remnants of a fish and chips platter and the strawberries and cream washed down with a Pimm’s Cup atop Henman Hill. I know I have some London area Twitter followers. I hope they find this and send suggestions for good eats on future trips!

Want to see some travel posts from other bloggers? Good Cook Doris and Jill of All Trades, MD both enjoyed trips to Spain.


4 responses to “Foodie Friday: Taste of London

  1. You should include that picture of the HUGE paella!

  2. Isn’t Europe addicting? You’ve gotta try a baguette with cheese & wine picnic in Paris, Paella with Sangria in Spain, and the best pizza i’ve ever had in Rome 🙂 Thx for the mention! Love your photos!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Your trip sounds fabulous! Love the pictures.

  4. Thanks for your comments over at my site. Love this post – we relaly did not eat out enough our trip to london (at least not to any restaurants I wanted to go to), but i did fall in love with Borough Market, which you must visit next time you are in London.

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