Foodie Friday: Quiz Answer

Do you remember the last Foodie Friday? I asked you to identify this mystery produce:

Did you figure it out? Chances are you eat it all the time. I know I do! But usually it is in blended form, maybe with a little tahini and lemon. Did you guess? It’s the CHICK PEA or GARBANZO BEAN!

They come in these little pods and I happened to see a bin of them at Whole Foods. It was fun to offer a pod to friends and family members for their guesses. I don’t think anyone had seen one in its “pure” state. Lately I’m a little obsessed with the lemon and dill flavors of store-bought hummus. I do like to make my own but its just so darn convenient and it comes in so many flavors now to buy it at the store. Here’s a favorite: take a large tortilla/wrap and spread with a couple tablespoons hummus. Throw in some chopped drained marinated artichoke hearts, some feta maybe, some olives, lettuce, shredded carrots, pickles, sundried tomatoes, whatever. It’s a great sandwich!


One response to “Foodie Friday: Quiz Answer

  1. We picked these up at WF this week too! I blanched them and added them in to salads all week.
    Hope all is well with you!

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