RA Update

This is a nice article highlighting various experts’ opinions.



2 responses to “RA Update

  1. And so this is where I get hung up. A new RA drug is developed which helps with inflammation, then finally fails as the RA worms its way down a new pathway to allow the inflammation.

    And they all carry an INFECTION component, a serious side effect. Why? Is there infection involved with RA that these drugs let loose? Is this why antibiotics work so well in reducing inflammation in RA, because of an infection component? So why does ABX for RA get such a bad rap? It seems to be causing less side effects like heart disease, cancer, etc. as discussed in this article. Why isn’t it used as a second therapy with these more widely used DMARDS and other Big Pharma product of the day? Thanks for a great link.

  2. Thank you for that link. It’s a good article.

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