Can you help with wordpress?

All the experienced wordpress bloggers out there: A few months ago Picapp photos stopped working with my blog. After searching for more information on the help forums of both wordpress and Picapp, I found one help thread that seems to have gone dead. The consensus was that there is something wrong with the code on the Picapp end that no longer displays correctly on blogs. If anyone wants to see that thread, this is the link:

Basically, trying to enter the code for wordpress results in a blank box with a red X where the photo used to display. I had been using Picapp photos successfully for months. Anyway, I am hoping someone with much more knowledge of these things than I (because my programming knowledge is almost less than nothing and all I can manage is this free wordpress blog) can help me either figure out what is wrong or can tell me about a better source of photos (though I had been really satisfied with the selection of photos on Picapp and would love to keep using it if this glitch can be fixed). Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!


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