Hospital Manners

My 93 year-old grandma always has a story to tell. A few weeks ago when I visited her, she wanted to show me a greeting card she found in a box of old photos. I snapped a few photos of the pages – here’s just a couple. Maybe I’ll post the others later. It’s VERY sexist and talks a lot about how to behave when the nurse comes to give a sponge bath or an enema. I don’t know if you want to see it. I’m not sure I really understand the page with all the fill in the blanks and smiley faces. The date inside is 1930!!


2 responses to “Hospital Manners

  1. I would like to suggest you visit and look into low dose, long term antibiotic therapy.

    There is also a book you can read on the subject. “The New Arthritis Breakthrough, Including Dr. Brown’s classic, The Road Back by Henry Scammell”

    I can’t offer much in the way of info, since I am new to it myself, but I sure wish someone would’ve told me about it years ago.

    Take care,

  2. Miss Chevious

    I’d love to see the rest of the card, I bet it’s a hoot! I’ve got a book about giving birth from the 1940’s that is just downright scary.

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