Foodie Friday: When in Rome

Did you think I was going to talk about Italian food? My wonderful trip to Rome? Nope. Never been. But I DID follow the “When in Rome . . . ” rule and ordered the house specialty cheeseburger at the famous Shady Glen! You may have seen it on travel or food TV shows or heard about it, as I did, on the Road Food segment on NPR’s The Splendid Table. Fortunately, it is just a mere 90 minute drive and, fortunately again, I had SIX other family members who wanted to make a pilgrimage.

When you’re stuffed full of fried cheese, onion rings, crinkle cut fries and almond joy milkshakes, what should you do next? If you have a strong stomach, you should drive the windy backroads to East Haddam, CT, and tour the beautiful and unusual Gillette Castle. Our group was initially disappointed that there were no free razor samples (The castle was designed by William Gillette, an actor who brought the Sherlock Holmes character to the stage around 1900, no relation to the razors or Gillette Stadium). However, we all enjoyed hearing about Mr. Gillette’s life and, er, eccentricities, and soaking up the fall sunshine overlooking the Connecticut River. If you need to quickly get back to the interstate, you can take the Chester-Hadlyme Ferry!

Hope you have a reason to enjoy this south/central Connecticut day trip!


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