Foodie Friday: Dining with a Celebrity

Upon learning I was invited to a wedding in Chicago, I had one food thought. Not deep dish pizza, not hot dogs and not even the fabulous Greektown. No, I immediately called up one of Rick Bayless’ hot spots for a reservation. Not only do I love the flavors and ingredients in this type of regional Mexican cooking, but I really enjoyed watching Mr. Bayless on the first season of Top Chef Masters and was just hoping his restaurant would live up to the hype. Having been to a so-called “celebrity” restaurant before and being extremely disappointed, I have to admit I was a little nervous.

I can’t tell you exactly what I ate at Topolobampo, because each dish had such complex layers of flavors. A scallop dish with shellfish consomme was out of this world, and I am NOT a fan of shellfish! Everything I tasted was incredible and I’m so glad to have had the chance to visit. The above photo is the only one I snapped because, well, this isn’t really a food blog or a formal review and also I was just having to much fun to worry about whipping out a camera in a restaurant! I know the dimly lit cell phone photo does not do justice to the presentation of the dishes.

Highly recommended, a great experience, not cheap at all (which you can tell by reading the many food review sites out there) but definitely enjoyed as a destination restaurant!

(And, of course, 100% just some fun for Foodie Friday, not compensated in any way).


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