Foodie Friday: why we have resolutions

The #1 New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and/or exercise more. Makes sense, as the month of December is often one big food fest. I tried to use this simple rule – “Is this something special?” Meaning, if a friend or relative put a lot of time and effort into making a food item or if it is something we just eat at holiday times, then it’s worth a taste or a serving. Note, I did not say “worth taking home an entire leftover cake and eating it in 2 days.” Our office had lots of treats around during the holidays, but I tried to remind myself that just because those Hershey’s kisses are in cute Christmas foil I do NOT have to eat handfuls of them. Same with store-bought baked goods. Tasty? Yes. But not the best choice for a workday mid-afternoon. However, I enjoyed my share of sweets this holiday and here are just a few . . .

chocolate chip merangues

flourless chocolate cake and homemade lemon custard with caramel

flan, pre-plating

flan, plated

reindeer cupcake critters


4 responses to “Foodie Friday: why we have resolutions

  1. The reindeer cupcakes are so cute!!

  2. I was more intersted in the flourless choc cake –

  3. Yes! Recipes! Please!

  4. I actually did not make ANY of these goodies, so I don’t have recipes. If there is something in particular you wanted I can try to track down which relative made it . . .

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