Foodie Friday: A Great Date!


This is probably the last of the holiday 2010 photos. When asked what to bring to dinner, my host said, “I’d love to have some bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese.” You might think it strange of a host to be so specific with her request, but, well, it was my mom. I guess moms are allowed to tell rather than ask. “Have you ever made those?” I asked. “No, but they sound good. I think I saw them in a magazine or on a cooking show.” “But I’ve never made them.” “Well, TRY.”

I googled a few recipes for “goat cheese stuffed dates with bacon” and can’t recall exactly which recipe I used, but I’ll describe the basic process. You need big dates – Medjool dates. I found these at a specialty grocery store. I’m not sure if they’d be at a regular grocery. They have a pit, so you take a paring knife, make a slit down the side, and pop out the pit. It’s easy. Then you take a spoon and stuff the date with about a teaspoon of softened goat cheese. I did try a pastry bag technique to use with the goat cheese and it didn’t work as well as just using a spoon. Some recipes call for a roasted almond or Marcona almond to be stuffed inside the date as well. I did this, but if I made them again I probably would omit the almond, because I felt like I had to tell people it’s not a pit!

Next you take a package of bacon and cut it down the middle so you have 1/2 strips. Wrap a 1/2 strip around the date, secure with toothpick, and there you are. I made these a few hours ahead of time and baked on site. Sweet, salty, crunchy and creamy. They were a hit!

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2 responses to “Foodie Friday: A Great Date!

  1. Yum! I had something similar at a Christmas party one year, and experimented on my own at home to come up with a version my family likes. We omit the cheese – just bacon around a date – so it’s non-dairy. They always disappear quickly.

  2. I forwarded this post to my wife to show her how different your rheumatology blog site is to mine. Tonight, she decided to serve these! Tasty.

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