Monthly Archives: March 2011

Research Graveyard

Pile of posters after the ACR annual meeting


World’s Biggest Donut

OK, maybe it’s not the world’s biggest donut, but it was GOOD! I thought it would be funny to put it next to something “for scale!”  One of my coworkers purchased this baby from N&J Donuts in Oxford, MA.

Want to read more about how I like to make my own donuts?

“Weathering” your arthritis

Is it spring where you live? There’s a wind chill close to 20 degrees in Massachusetts today, the last week of March! Sadly, these flowers are from last year and this year’s are only just thinking about popping up.

While “spring cleaning” some backlogged blog files I came across this post about how weather affects arthritis. Bottom line,

As we have learned, whether weather is a contributing factor in arthritic pain can not be stated definitively. Even though the literature is filled with contradicting studies, one of the largest, multi-site studies conducted to date has recently demonstrated an association between the two. To quote Robert Ripley, “believe it or not.”