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Foodie Friday: onion jam

Purchased: at a local grocery store to use on an appetizer plate with an assortment of cheeses, bread/crackers, mustard. Another great thing for a cheese plate? Quince!

Additional uses: with half a jar left over, I began spreading a spoonful on everything . . . tortilla with hummus or Laughing Cow cheese? Spread some onion jam on it first. Grilled chicken or (veggie) burger? Top it with some onion jam. The garlic flavor is pretty strong so I definitely recommend it as a savory/sweet topping. I was pleasantly surprised at the many uses of something I last-minute bought on a whim. Enjoy!


Put on your running glasses!

The 2009 Boston Marathon

Monday was Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts and the annual running of the Boston Marathon. The above photo, from 2009, was my first time watching in person and was amazing and thrilling. Having cheered on the runners again in 2010 and 2011, I can say it is no less inspiring and something I will think about as I struggle through my “couch to 5K” running plan. Next year I think I’ll hold up a sign that says “Watching you is making me really tired!”

As I watched the race, one thing I wanted to pay attention to was whether any marathoners were wearing glasses. Not special funky reflective, speed-demon exercise sunglasses, but “I need these or I’ll run into the Bay” spectacles. Like mine. Because I HATE exercising in my glasses, but I also hate to waste a pair of disposable contacts on an hour of exercise when I’m wearing my glasses the rest of the day. I went out on a 5K training run the other day in my glasses. It wasn’t so bad. And while watching the marathon I did see more than a handful of runners cruising by in good old regular glasses. I also saw a guy dressed as a gorilla, several Easter bunnies and a guy playing a guitar while running.

Maybe one of my blog friends, like Roni, who have a much bigger readership with lots of runners will see this and pose the question for me: Do you run in glasses? Anyway, just something I’ve been thinking about as I try not to give myself an excuse to avoid a run. I’ll also think about all the amazing wheelchair athletes and runners with other challenges participating with guides, running on artificial limbs, etc. If they can do it, I really can’t complain about my glasses bouncing and slipping around on my face.

2009 Boston Marathon

Foodie Friday: eat beets all day

Beets get a bad rap. So many years of only being available in the canned, pickled version really ruined them for a lot of people. I’d like to think the whole farmer’s market/local food thing we’ve got going on now has changed that for beets. My CSA had plentiful beets and I never tired of roasted beets in my salads.

Once I made a sweet potato smoothie. Recently left with a few roasted beets in the fridge, I wondered what a BEET SMOOTHIE would taste like. I think this smoothie contained 1/2-1 very ripe banana, plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup coconut milk and some frozen dark sweet cherries. And water.

It was actually delicious! No weird beet taste at all and it was the most beautiful brilliant red color. The photos with my very basic point and shoot just don’t do it justice. Because this is a quasi-medical blog I’m going to throw in a little TMI medical tidbit for you if you do plan on eating some beets – that beautful dark red color going IN also has to come OUT! Expect to see some evidence of this on the outflow side. (I know, I know, I’m sorry, but I’m a Doctor. I can talk about this stuff while I eat)! Enjoy . . .

P.S. Although I realize that this is going up on April Fool’s Day and some might consider the idea of a beet smoothie a joke, I assure you (with apologies to Seinfeld), this was REAL and it was FABULOUS!