A little help from my (rheum) friends . . .

Some great pieces from my international colleagues lately!

Dr. Irwin Lim discusses the role of methotrexate therapy here and here. Thanks, Irwin, for your insights.

Also check out his recent video which helps me explain to patients why allopurinol may actually cause a gout flare.

Finally, let’s travel over to Ireland and check out the many videos by Dr. Ronan Kavanagh. Great work, Ronan! (Irwin I see you’re on clear.md as well – I think I’m going to leave the videos to you guys and I’ll keep to the written word). So pleased to be able to share and collaborate with rheumatologists all over the globe.

Photo: taken at the Highland Games in New Hampshire


2 responses to “A little help from my (rheum) friends . . .

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. The Methotrexate posts seemed to touch a lot of people so I suspect a lot of others are troubled by the “chemotherapy” label for an arthritis drug.

    Hope you are well.

  2. Re the gout flare on allopurinol, I think this is pretty common, and always put patients on low dose colchicine for 2 months to start. Used to be cheap and easy before the Cholcrys fiasco.

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