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Happy New Year!

All my favorite bloggers’ “Top xxx of 2009” and New Year’s Resolutions posts have been fun to read. However, I’ve never been a big New Year’s fan. My celebrations have often felt more like a duty to mark the holiday out of custom rather than a raucous ringing in of the new. Perhaps this is because I rarely see the clock strike midnight in my daily life, being an “early to bed, early to rise” kind of person. Any New Year’s Eve party for me must have preparation of a long nap and afternoon coffee! Yesterday, 12/31/09, our office was open all day and all the providers’ schedules were full. Only a mid-day snowstorm caused a few cancellations. The phones were nonstop with refills and panicked patients realizing a 3 day holiday weekend was upon us and their urgent (and not-so-urgent) questions needed to be answered. In addition, I am on call this long weekend. Add all this up and, well, I was asleep by 10pm. I did see midnight, as my husband woke me up (he likes New Year’s Eve) and my parents called. I should have put out strict “Do Not Disturb” orders since I then couldn’t sleep and watched “The Hangover” in the middle of the night.

But I digress. I wanted to talk more about resolutions. I don’t tend to make them for 1/1. I DO like to take stock of the year and make resolutions goals for my new year, and I tend to do this every year on my birthday. I think I like the individual quality of this contemplation. While reading all the resolution posts, I love how so many bloggers are listing their resolutions and more specifically listing action plans or concrete steps to achieve their goals. “Lose Weight” isn’t a concrete goal. Things like “work out 30 minutes 3 times a week” or “stop snacking after dinner” are measurable. I particularly like blogger Dr. Sarah’s resolution list .  While I will wait for my birthday to reassess personal goals, professionally I have really enjoyed the few short months I’ve spent blogging and tweeting. In the new year I plan to:

  • Blog regularly. I don’t want to hold this to any particular number, but 3-4 times a week seems reasonable.
  • Move my site to self-hosted.
  • Participate in  the Social Media Committee that was recently formed at my medical group.
  • Publicize the blog more to patients and colleagues (need to get some business cards with the site name) and engage more with the blog community. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Happy 2010 to everyone!