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Summer of okra

005Reading food blogs has expanded my awareness of produce and has sent me scurrying to farmers’ markets all summer long to see what I can replicate. The first experiment was Kath’s kale chips. Then she showed that you can eat oven-roasted okra dipped in ketchup like french fries. I tried it and it was great!!! But then, no okra. None at the regular grocery, the specialty market, THREE local farmstands or Whole Foods. For weeks, nothing. However, today a tiny little basket of okra appeared at the market and I snagged a bunch to make okra fries tonight. Many people have heard of okra in stews like gumbo or breaded and deep fried. It is particularly delicious in an Indian dish called bhindi masala. I was afraid the okra would be slimy when roasted, but it wasn’t at all. Many thanks yet again to all the foodie bloggers for their tips!