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Foodie Friday: FIESTA!

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=mexican+food&iid=208888″ src=”0205/faa8cfab-6c27-4ae4-8df5-648fc6e15525.jpg?adImageId=12801594&imageId=208888″ width=”380″ height=”251″ /]OK, so I’m a little late on the Cinco de Mayo theme, but I recently listened to an archived podcast and my taste buds are now craving some authentic Mexican food. The podcast is from one of my favorite NPR shows, The Splendid Table. The 2/27/10 episode was a recap of an expedition to Mexico City (emphasis on pre-Hispanic cuisine). Wow. Just wow. If you are a foodie this is a must-listen and is free on itunes. Warning: do not listen on an empty stomach. I was driving and all I had was a banana and a water. In the Boston area, my favorite place for real Mexican food is Tu Y Yo. I posted about it back in January. Can’t believe it’s been that long since I ate there. Must remedy that soon! And maybe one of these days I’ll actually try the grasshoppers.