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Foodie Friday: healthy nachos?

Can you make “healthy” nachos? I think you can. And they’re easy. Take a bag of tortilla chips. You can do baked. You can do multigrain (and I’m checking with those NuVal folks to see if there’s a significant advantage to the multigrain). I did plain old regular tortilla chips. Add a can of vegetarian refried beans. You can do regular. I looked at the nutrition info and there wasn’t much difference, but the non-vegetarian ones contain lard. Now here’s the important part: You have to use a knife and individually spread some refried beans on each tortilla chip, then put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet. That way each chip has bean and it works out better. Top with whatever you want: sliced black olives, green chilis, tomatoes, shredded cheese (OK, lowfat cheese if you want). You don’t need that much. Since your nachos are in a single layer each chip gets toppings. Bake/broil until cheese is warm and bubbly and there you go! I whipped up in the food processor an avocado with some 0% Greek yogurt and lime juice for a little guac dipping sauce, with salsa for dipping on the side. They were incredible!