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The Lazy Blogger Award

Is there a Lazy Blogger Award? Well, if not, I am officially giving it to myself. Congratulations, Doctors’ Rheum, you’ve been a really lazy blogger!!

However, I have been reading blogs and trying to comment here and there and really appreciating some new commenters on my older blog entries. Let’s just say we in New England aren’t used to long stretches of hot, humid air and I think my brain is melting like the dark chocolate in my cabinet. However, I can’t put my brain in the fridge to firm it up, so let’s hope the neurons fire better after this cold front, or with the approach of fall.

Anyway, did you see these articles? If not, these are some points of interest I’ve been collecting to share:

The New York Times’ Well blog featured Voices of Scleroderma. Most people I’ve diagnosed with this condition have never heard of it. Fortunately it is rare, but unfortunately the treatment options are limited. I did my fellowship at The University of Pittsburgh, with several outstanding faculty members doing both clinical and basic science research on scleroderma.

Cheers! Could you actually help prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis by drinking alcohol? The very day I saw this article come across my daily email briefing, a patient brought it in and said, “Hey, does this mean I can drink?” Well, if you’re on Methotrexate that answer is still going to be no, no and are you crazy? The article was an observational study that found arthritis was less severe in drinkers compared with nondrinkers. However, the article also notes,

“We would wish to point out that, at the moment, that our findings are preliminary, and would not recommend that patients drink alcohol with the specific purpose of treating their arthritis,” said Dr. James Maxwell, lead author of the study and a consultant rheumatologist at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust in England.

Finally, did you see that all those “toning shoes” may not be all that great for you after all? One of my co-workers, a DIE-HARD fan of the shoes, was very disappointed when I mentioned this article to her. If you’re out of shape, strapping on a new pair of shoes won’t magically get you in shape, just as a treadmill that serves mainly as a clothes rack isn’t doing much for your fitness. However, if the promise of extra toning inspires you to walk more, be my guest. I just think they look a little funny, but, then again, I’m not winning any fashion awards.


Foodie Friday: Pittsburgh Salad

Earlier this week, I talked about cartilage research being done at the University of Pittsburgh. I’ve now been away from Pittsburgh longer than I lived there, but remember it as an amazing and beautiful city with so much to do. Two years was not enough. For those of you familiar with the ‘burgh, you will instantly know what I mean by Pittsburgh salad. How confused was I the first time I saw a tray of french fries sitting at the end of the salad bar? OF COURSE they are a salad topping! Not exclusive to salads, sandwiches from Primanti Bros have the fries right inside the bread/bun. Oh yeah! Don’t think I didn’t enjoy some of that!

This week, as a tribute to Pittsburgh, I made a salad with a few tweaks. I used sweet potato fries (which look like carrots in the photos) and couldn’t resist a few on the side with another Pittsburgh product: HEINZ ketchup! I also did a quick search to see what else I could find under the term “Pittsburgh salad” and found a new (to me) food blog with a similar recipe using rutabaga fries! Please excuse the cell phone pics: my camera went on a business trip this week!

Naked Salad

Pittsburgh Salad