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Foodie Friday: a mess in the kitchen

Have you noticed there’s not too much fun and exciting coming out of The Doctors’ Rheum’s kitchen these days? Let’s just say that mountains of snow coupled with a cold and flu season that just doesn’t want to quit have kept my tastebuds away from adventure.

I was sick, so I made myself some chicken soup. Cut up a rotisserie chicken, pour in some canned broth, dice up carrots and celery and add some noodles (I used whole wheat wide egg noodles) and for good measure toss in some chopped fresh parsley and dill. I wouldn’t have thought to add the dill, but it was in the fridge for some reason and was actually really good! Looking back at the photo I guess there were onions in it too. It didn’t help the cold.

I also made this apple cake. Twice. The first time because I had apples and yogurt and oatmeal, the soup didn’t help and I thought cake sounded good. It’s a very moist coffee cake that tastes healthy but also is quite sweet. You probably don’t need as much brown sugar as is called for in the topping. Once I used coarsely chopped pecans and the second time I made the cake (a week later, for a luncheon), I used more finely chopped almonds.

Finally, the other day I played that game where you see what you have at home and try to make something with it because you just don’t want to go to the store. I don’t know if it’s chili or stew or what, but I threw together a mixture of a caramelized onion, 2 roasted sweet potatoes cut in cubes, a can of dark kidney beans, 3 roasted carrots and a large freezer bag of chopped up frozen tomatoes leftover from the summer’s CSA. The leftovers were even better, once topped with an over-easy egg and once with some Laughing Cow chipotle (in my opinion their best flavor, and apparently somewhat new) mixed in. You don’t want to see a photo – it just looks like red and orange mush, but it was GOOD!

If you want to see something creative coming out of a kitchen, you’ll have to follow one of my favorite sites, like shutterbean, The Pioneer Woman or Good Cook Doris. Here’s looking to spring and the day the snow piles melt from around my grill . . .